Friday, September 30, 2016

Catch Up Time!

First, let me show you a sweet quilt that I made and gave to my quilt guild to use as a Bingo prize. This quilt is a mixture of cross stitch and piecing.  I love the colors!
This is an OP (other people's) quilt.  It's all in blues and angles and looks clean and tailored.  I like to use curves in my quilting when there is a lot of angularity in the quilt pattern.

An OP first quilt.  Didn't this person do a great job for her first time?

And last, a picture of my tiny lamp post garden.  I like not having a huge lawn to mow anymore.  I will have to enlarge this quarter circle area bit by bit.  I need to work in a lot of topsoil and compost to enrich the area.  It's very stony, but the plants are hanging on gamely.