Saturday, June 24, 2017

Best Laid Plans...

First, a brief visit with us on our honeymoon in NYC.  We love New York!  Arthur, being from the Midwest, had never seen the Statue of Liberty, so we spent a beautiful, sunny, perfect temperature day taking the ferry over to see Her.  I have seen Her several times, but every time I do, the experience is impressive, awesome, emotional.  This time was the first time I had actually entered the structure and gone to the top of the base to look out over the island to NYC (sans Towers.)  The next time we go to New York, we're going to visit Ground Zero.  We only had two days this time around, so we didn't have much time for anything but this tour and a Broadway play, School of Rock, which was fabulous!!!

This is a view of the workings for the original light.  The scale of this great lady is amazing! And to the right is a view of just a bit of the statue's underpinnings.

I love this picture of the south end of the city.  I just happened to catch a gull in flight -- that's the white blob left of center.

And then it was time to go back home and get back into normal life.  I auditioned some thread for my newest customer quilt.  She chose the teal one.

Next to work on a customer quilt already on the frame.  The fabric was luscious, and I loved looking at it every day!

Below is the quilt map I used to make the pattern for this quilt.  It really turned out lovely, but, darn!  I forgot to take a picture of the finished product!

So I'll stop here and add some more tomorrow.  Have a nice day!

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