Monday, June 5, 2017

Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa!

It's been 4 years since I last posted!  During that time I moved to Maryland, met someone special, established a connection with a wonderful quilt guild, the Village Quilters Quilt Guild in Catonsville, MD, started my Maryland business, Ladycat Quilting, said goodbye to two dear friends who moved away (Mary to Florida and Peggy to California), celebrated eldest grandson's graduation from VA Tech as a Naval Architect, escaped most pitfalls in my relationship with Special One and dealt with others, introduced My Guy to the Caribbean and scuba diving, made lots of quilts, attended second grandson's high school graduation (which he tried hard to skip), quilted several quilts for my guild members, for new customers, and for charity, bought one of those marvelous adjustable beds (!!!), took up in depth Bible studies and discovered a real enthusiasm for that research, made a whole bunch of zippered and windowed project bags and cloth bowls and a tuffet, donated 17 bags of clothes and shoes and housewares to Goodwill, kept a diary, learned what forgiveness really means, fell in love with great grandson Benjamin, repainted the family room and kitchen, replaced a toilet with a taller version, welcomed Peggy back to Maryland - permanently!,  and on May 19, 2017 I did something most 72 year olds don't do:  I married My Guy, Arthur, in a civil ceremony at the local court house with a lady officiant who was upbeat and funny and made it all that much more memorable.

So now it's time to get back to sharing some pictures of the quilts and projects that have been waiting to be memorialized in the blog.

This quilt was made for my third grandson's graduation, which I will attend June 17.  He will be going to George Mason U in Virginia to study dance.  This is a talented kid who played football for a few years, was in all county chorus for a year, and began doing this disjointed, robotic sort of dancing about three years ago, and it snowballed into taking lessons and performing in competitions -- and winning!  So when it came to fabric for the quilt, I kept thinking:  how do I tie in singing and football and dancing?  What do they have in common?

TIMING!  Everything depends on timing -- rhythm in song, running up the field to catch the ball, matching your steps to those of your dance partner.  So I found this perfect fabric:

Isn't that fabulous?!!!  Clocks!  All of them with sayings from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.  Or, if the Bible isn't your thing, maybe you can remember "Turn, turn, turn" sung by The Byrds in the late 50's and "written" by Pete Seeger (who, except for the first line, took it word for word from Ecclesiastes). If you look closely (click the picture above and it will enlarge), you can see the clock that has "A time to dance" written across it.  That's the one that clinched the deal for me, and the whole rest of the quilt was build around the central issue of time, particularly as it pertains to dance!

I think I'll stop here and show you more tomorrow.  Lots to come!


  1. Trying to be a little more organized -- taking a page from your book!