Sunday, July 21, 2013


I'm catching up on showing some of my quilts.  This variation on the Tree of Life was one of the most pleasing quilts I have made, mostly because of the colors I used.

But there's something about putting on those final touches, standing at the long arm frame, deciding on the stitching designs, and then watching it all come to life.  I turn on my music, and the alpha waves roll. 
By the way, the bit of batting at the bottom of the tree trunk is not a design element.  We quilters use snippets of batting to collect the shards of thread when we cut them at the end of each row or after using each color if there is more than one color of thread used.
I'm working on an art quilt for my VERY patient sister.  She gave it to me to do years ago, and initially I was intimidated by the intricacy of the hand appliqued designs.  Then I finally got started on it, but was interrupted by other projects, and then the mayhem and disorganization of my divorce.  I put it back on the frame when I moved to Maryland, but took it off  -- again! -- when she asked me to do some charity quilts she had made.  But I'll put it back on when I come back from Quilt Odyssey and try to get it finished for her before her birthday in December.  December?!  Yes, it will probably take me that long.  It's an art quilt and requires long hours to finish small bits at a time.  But I'll post now and then so you can see the work in progress.

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